Web development requires you to stay on top of the latest technology so that your development skills can reach their peak. However, getting updated is easier said than done as there is always new software coming into the market and as soon as you figure out how to use one, another one gets introduced.

The truth though is that different IDEs work for various needs and people and what works for me may not be great for you. As such, having a variety to choose from will better help you in making the right choice for your needs. Take a look at the best IDEs in the market today.

Microsoft Visual Studio

The price range for this software will lie anywhere from $700 all the way to $3000, and this depends on factors such as the edition you get as well as licensing. You can use this software for a range of activities such as the creation of games and mobile applications. Whatever app you make will be compatible with hundreds of devices because of the flexible nature of the software.


Whether you are working on a new project or editing an old one, the features in this IDE will have your needs covered. Different project templates are in store to help you out when you run out of creative ways to customize your website. Though it gets mainly used for the development of Java applications, it supports other languages as well such as PHP.

You will enjoy how interactive the software is, making your job an easy task.


You can start off by getting the thirty days free trial version and if it works for you, get the professional version that costs $200-$700 annually. Python programmers can benefit significantly from the code assistance provided in this software. It works on many platforms and supports a variety of languages such as CoffeeScript and Cython.

IntelliJ IDEA

You get to pay an average of $500 to $700 which depends on the features you get. If you are unsure about its suitability, you can get the thirty-day free trial first and get the hang of the software. You can develop mobile apps and enterprise technologies which are usable on various platforms. Once you see all the features that this software comes with, you get to realize what a bargain you got on the price.


This free software works for developers of all levels. At first, it only operated with Java, but it has since grown to support a variety of languages. You can build GUIs, chart, test, and model as well as make use of the array of tools at your disposal.

With a large number of IDEs available on the market today, it is great to know which work for you. You are sure to get one that is suitable for your line of work from the five covered here.