About Us

We are Micah Davis and Carrick Thompson, and we love to write software. We have done so for years, and we keep finding more straightforward and more fun ways to write code as we progress in our career. We can write code in different languages, and we especially love to use Python, GTK+, and Robots.


Currently, we have a library of resources online where programmers can borrow a few tricks on how to write code in simpler ways as well as getting updates on the best software in the market. Are you struggling with writing code or do you need a helping hand to learn the ropes of programming? Log on to our website and learn everything from the necessary skills in programming all the way to web development.

We have libraries that go all the way back to a decade ago, and as such, you can begin the journey with us from the very start. There are adequate resources for both pros and beginners.


We can develop games from scratch thanks to our years of experience. If you wish to venture into the world of game design, look us up and scour through tons of our material where you will get a grasp of how to develop games, the best software for such developments regarding compatibility as well as how to make the plays interactive.

By going through our material, you will get to be in a position where you can comfortably design games of various kinds.

Online sports games

Technology has gotten to a point where almost everything is available online, and people are now playing games online more than they did before. We create games that can get played online on various devices, and if you wish to have such a game, you can hit us up, and we will deliver something amazing. For games to succeed online, they need to be interactive, and we ensure that they meet the needs of the players. We also teach people how to create such games in simple ways.


Gambling websites are the entire craze these days with many people trying their luck at all sorts of games. We can have a gambling site up and running within a short period. As always, our sites are very interactive, and this will keep customers coming to your website frequently.

We have a vast knowledge of software, and we can make you all sorts of applications that will blow your mind away. We also love to teach budding developers about ways to make their work easier. Whether you are a developer or you are in search of an application, we will satisfy your needs.